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 History tells us of wizards in the stories of Siberian shamans, in prose by the classical Roman poet Virgil, in the medieval and Renaissance eras including Dr. John Dee (1527–1608), and also we get our ideas of wizards from famous fictional practitioners of wizardry such as Tolkien’s Gandalf, and shamans in South America and India and in Celtic lore and fable. 

Siberian Shaman  Portrait of Dee



The traditional role of the wizard is portrayed as prophet, visionary and master of nature’s elements. The wizard is the genius who works with nature to transform himself and others...


Emperor Ming Emperor Palpatine Wizard of Oz

There were good and evil wizards in history, literature and legend, from the medieval Gilles de Rais to the influences that shaped the modern Star Wars legend of the Emperor versus Obi wan Kenobi, and the Wizard of Oz, or Emperor Ming of Flash Gordon, or the scientist Dr. Edward Morbius in the movie Forbidden Planet.  


In many ways, even Albert Einstein was a modern day 'Wizard'. 


Albert Einstien


Wizards are depicted in stories as an alchemist, such as Merlin the wizard of the Arthurian legends...


 Wizards are also seen as keepers of secret knowledge and seekers of arcane knowledge and truth, who share that knowledge with their responsible apprentices in order to pass on that precious knowledge they have acquired. They are feared for their power that comes from that knowledge, and revered for their ability with things that others cannot readily understand. They keep alive their 'knowledge trust' for future generations to benefit the community they serve...and they are truly guardians of human ingenuity, and protectors of practical wisdom.

Much of what we do in this modern age could be called "Wizardry' by that definition. The knowledge and experience we acquire to change our world can be used in many ways. Others benefit from the products we help to create and the world is really a so called 'magical' place because of that effort. Our technology today would astound  those who lived in medieval times. Normal use of the TV remote, or talking over the cell phone, or viewing information on a computer would be seen as Magic..  ( you didn't know you were so empowered did you... )

Obi-wan and Luke Skywalker

So, here's to you!  PCB Wizards of our time... May you find an apprentice and pass on your knowledge and skills so that they do not end with our generation but continue into the future...Be a mentor to someone who wants to know more about our profession and help them to find their career path as a PCB Design 'Wizard' too.







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