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It has been said that electronics is just 'smoke and mirrors', or 'black magic'... This web site was developed to help 'de-mystify' the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of printed circuits and improve and promote quality in the profession of PCB design and the development of electronics products.


Why PCB  WIZARDS? Well, in a manner of speaking many of our professional contemporaries are 'wizards' in a very real sense. Let's examine the history of wizards for a moment... For many years, readers of adventures and ancient legends have been fascinated by the vast body of fact and fable surrounding wizards. Wizards are in many ways personified symbols of man's insatiable curiosity,  the search for practical knowledge and the tools or methods to control the complicated world around us. Click the following link for more info on wizards...[ history of wizards ]


PCB designers are truly modern day 'wizards' of practical knowledge in the field of electronics and they use that knowledge and their creativity to make the most amazing electronic products known to man. Without PCB designers the world would be a far less interesting place... Printed Circuits are in or a part of almost everything we use.


I hope you find the website useful and that you continue to come back for up-to-date information and references. This site will be under construction for some time and will evolve to meet the needs of those who use it.  Use the Navigation buttons to the left to find more about this profession and its many connections to our everyday world.


The pages of this website are here for your use... please report any broken links or abuse to the webmaster.


By the way, I'm looking for a logo for my website... here's an idea, let's have a wizard drawing contest and then vote for the winning picture. I can come up with something special for the winner... plus some publicity... 

Click for more info--->Wizard Drawing Contest


Disclaimer: In no way does this website or it's developer or owner warranty any information taken or derived from this site. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will not be held liable for any use or application of data found on this website and the site visitor by so using said information agrees to hold harmless the web site, its trustees and developers and owner and their heirs and assigns from any attempt to recover any monetary redress or compensation for losses real or imagined arising from the use of this information. It is provided free of charge and without warranty. Sorry, but since we live in a world of lawyers and people looking to make money from suits rather than hard work and ingenuity I felt it necessary to disclaim any responsibility for others use of the info on my website. It's only here because I needed a place to store it and figured it might help benefit someone else in the process... enjoy...




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