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Choosing a design service can be an ordeal if you don't know what you really want and what you are willing to pay to get it. Make sure to ask about the shop hourly rate for changes, after you get the quote for the design. Also, make sure to specify your expected deliverables, and supply your vendor with any custom formats or detailed notes you expect to see on your drawings. Check the design thoroughly and verify that it meets your design criteria. Ask for DRC (automated 'Design Rules Checking') output reports, and netlists. Schematics should be created to document the layout and its options.


Rates can vary between different shops and be aware that some shops send work out of country to lower cost subcontractors or subdivisions of the company that may not be in your area. If you have a contract that requires DOD security you will have to specify and verify that your job stays in the country. Make sure your design is reasonably solid before putting it into the design house or you will no doubt be paying for the unplanned changes.





911 EDA
3081 Madison Ave., Suite B, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Tel (760)729-9340 Fax:(760)729-9359


9605 Scranton Rd., Ste 310, San Diego, CA 92121 
Tel: (858) 450-0994  Fax: (858) 450-0529 


A2e Technologies

7585 Ronson Road
Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92111
858-560-6600 office   858-225-0188 fax


ACDI - American Computer Development, Inc.
5350 Partners Court
Frederick, MD 2170

Tel: (301) 620-0900

Fax: (301) 620-1796


Bay Area Circuits

575 Price Ave

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 367-8444



22024 Lassen St.    Suite: 100

Chatsworth,  CA    91311

(888) 598-3104


Designs By Leslie Gomez

Cardiff by the Sea, CA

(760) 436-1728


Dynamic FPC Design, Inc.
2082 Vista Valle Verde Dr.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Phone Number: (760) 723-2102


Hunter Technology

2941 Corvin Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051
tel. (408) 245-8946
tel. (800) 570-8946 toll free


In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd

Level 15, Corporate Centre
Bundall, Qld, 4217, Australia
Ph: +61 7 5520 6864
Email: info@icd.com.au


JMC Design Services
P. O. Box 397

3024 Hwy A12

Grenada, CA. 96038-0397

Phone: (530)436-2216

Email: jmc@jmcdesignservices.com

Optimum Design
7300 Amador Plaza Road, Suite B
Dublin, CA 94568


Rockwell Collins Printed Circuits

Collins Printed Circuits
400 Collins Road NE
Mail Station 110-123
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52498
Fax: 319-295-4451

San Diego PCB, Inc.

Tel: (858) 271-5722 Fax: (858) 271-6722


Westwood Associates
612 Wheelers Farm Rd.
Milford, CT 06460
Tel: (203) 283-3097 Fax: (203) 283-3100



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